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Lyrics: Bohdan Kurch
Music: Bohdan Kurch/Roller Genoa
Cover art: Alexander Gololobov
Recordered and mastered by Konstantin Ratnikov, Anvil Records, Ukraine


You can brake me
But you just sit and stare
Now come and brake me
Pretend that it's fair
And there's a million of arms
That're holding you close
And all the smiles could have mean a bit more
When stage dimly glows

It should have been done
Before it comes late
Though we stucked in here
You know I can't wait
Your first steps in heartbreaks
And stories of hate

Fake it
As if you have the guts
Simulate it
And turn me into dust
I should have raise an alarm
But I'm speechless and stoned
I'm sure it won't do any harm
Your tricks are well known

Is it in your eyes that I'm amazed
I should have try to stand your gaze
The dawn is near and I'm afraid
Your charm will slowly fade away
The other night, the other day
We'd find a better place to stay
If you ever come closer


from Build My Gallows High - Single, released March 17, 2017




Roller Genoa Ukraine

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