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Little Liar - Single

by Roller Genoa

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released January 10, 2016

Recordered and mastered by Konstantin Ratnikov, Anvil Records, Ukraine




Roller Genoa Ukraine

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Track Name: Little Liar
You should've been just
Another one
Then why have you put all these signs of lipstick on my colar?
You were to fade
Before the dawn
But seems like you've decided turning my days into squalor
Ruining my daydream

Now try to behave
So I let you stay for a while
You're just a little liar
I'm trapped and astrayed
A reason of going wild
You're just a little liar

Can't help myself
So do be kind
Don't indicate it's wrong if I'm at your place for a night
A vicious way
Of turning high
Should I get back my sober mind or merge with blasting riot?
Captured in your grip
Track Name: Safe and Warm in Hunter's Arms
You're rising up and I'm falling down
I should have stopped but I do not know how
Just for now let's make things right
We could have some fun, oh at least we've tried

You've got your truth and I got mine
So what's the use of blowing my mind
Some kind of game where we both lose
Who should I blame if it's not you

I can't break myself and I can't go on
And your fake smiles in the only reply that I get
I can't be your judge and you can't be mine
So I pray to God so he could take me out

Now take a half and I'll take the rest
Oh babe I swear that I did my best
Why to pretend that be both care
Times I did and you weren't there

I've got to run but my heart is bleeding
The knife in back and I really mean it
Was it you or just someone
All I can do is to take a run