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Do It Here, Do It Now - EP

by Roller Genoa

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released March 31, 2013

Roller Genoa are Bohdan Kurch, Ilya Begeima & Dima Petrash.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dmitriy Chuev at 'Repa' studio, Cherkasy, Ukraine.
Artwork by Oleksandr Yakovenko.




Roller Genoa Ukraine

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Track Name: (I've Missed You) So Bad
I'm back
Now tell everybody
'Cause I've missed you so bad
And I'm glad you've come

Blew up
Again with no "maybe"
'Cause I love you so bad
And I'm glad you've come

Can't stop
I'm just going crazy
'Cause I've missed you so bad
And I'm glad you've come

Blew up
Again with no "maybe"
'Cause I love you so bad
And I'm glad you've come
Track Name: Do It Here, Do It Now
Gonna write a song so you can find
There’s my soul, there’s my pride
Lend you ears for me, hear me what I’m saying
Take your money back if I’m not quite right

Ain’t you feeling stoned when the life comes near
‘Cause you are here and we are here
Tear it up and fight if you still got feelings
Time is running out and there is our turn

Before they took your soul
Make a sound
Before they took your mouth
Make it loud
You gotta do it here
Do it now
Track Name: No Second Try
I can’t figure out what you were thinking of
Though you’ve always had top marks for wasting love
All you secret affairs, all the broken laws
It won’t ever be fair, now you’ve lost them all

Open your mind and look up in the skies
Your faithless players are so full of lies
Wash off your smile, far from being divine
Remember this moment, there’s no second try

Never stood away
You've always passed the line
Making marks on your arms won't get back the time
There're no breaks for your heartaches at sleepless nights
Take your hands off my neck
And don't ask me why
Track Name: Waster
I’m living on my own, spend my days for nothing
But I feel satisfied, I will never get bored
I don’t give a shit if you call me a waster
‘Cause I am in a band and know we get on a road

You can say I’m mean but you ain’t no better
Working eight to five and you’re doing fine
Here’s what I say, I’m gonna live forever
C’mon take my hand and we’ll touch the skies

Here’s a lesson I have learned
There’s no way back to return

And I keep on dreaming
I just keep on dreaming
One thing I believe in
I gotta keep on dreaming
Track Name: Hey, Rhythm'n'blues
Hey, rhythm'n'blues
It's your time now
Hey, rhythm'n'blues
All we hear now
Hey, rhythm'n'blues
Sing it out loud
Hey, rhythm'n'blues
Yeah, it's your time now
Track Name: Dear Friend of Mine (TV Live)
Oh dear friend of mine, you’re so entertaining, please
Come back, I’m begging, I’m on my knees, I wish
The time could have washed off all your tears

Now leave your regrets, things you’re trying to forget, again
Just have another cigarette, and then
They’ll slowly melt and set you free

‘Cause you’re the one who hates me
You’ve always tried to break me down
Despite of all the eyes around
I should have born a thousand years ago
Before the time I saw you grow
And I mean it

Oh dear friend of mine, you’re turning into a ghost, with all
The miseries you imposed, take off
Your pinchers of past fantasies

Just say your farewell
And fade away in time and space
To never be cursed and chased, for your
Fake meanings and forged memories